The Cosmic Muffin and the Stratoliner are featured on
The Avanti website.
William Moriaty tells the saga of the Cosmic Muffin in his La Floridiana column on a site devoted to pop culture.
Photo Sails has an opaque sailcloth that can display images on both sides
What was once a plane is now a boat. Twin Yamaha F50 four-stroke engines make it fly. is a marine business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. provides marine services in the area of Boating Gear and Supplies Boat Graphics.
HGTV — House & Garden Television – featured the boat on Extreme Homes.
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HistoryLink offers an insightful “Snapshot History” of the Boeing Stratoliner.
The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum (NASM) maintains the largest collection in the world.
A brief Stratoliner history told by Boeing, as well as links to their other planes.
The Houston Air Terminal site has a photo of a rare visit by a TWA Stratoliner in 1941.
The online Goleta Air & Space Museum has a section devoted to the Boeing 307 Stratoliner.
What to do with an old Boeing 727? Convert it into an AirplaneHome.
Bob Harrington photographed the crash of the only remaining airworthy 307. Seattle-based Bob Harrington’s main Web site is devoted to his amazing photography and art, which explores much more than aviation, ranging from reality to pure fantasy. CNN's report on the conversion of a Boeing 727 into a home in Mississippi.
Design on Demand Albert Starkweather, 5668 Tranquility Oaks Drive Unit 208, Tampa, Florida 33624-5849 The P22 type foundry display font is based on a 1940 Frank Lloyd Wright alphabet. Put a link to our site on your site and send us ane-mail and we will put a reciprocal link here.
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