Miramax Releases Hughes Movie

The Aviator — a movie about the career of Howard Hughes starring Leonardo DiCaprio — was released by Miramax on Christmas day 2004.

The film was nominated for six Golden Globe Awards — Best Picture—Drama, DiCaprio for Best Actor—Drama, Cate Blanchett for Best Supporting Actress, Martin Scorsese for Best Director, John Logan for Best Screenplay, and Howard Shore for Best Original Score. It won in three categories — Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Original Score. The awards were presented on Jan. 16.

The film won five honors at the 77th annual Academy Awards on Feb. 27 — Film Editing, Best Supporting Acress, Art Direction, Cinematography, and Costume Design.

Air & Space Magazine Feature

Air & Space magazine, published by the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, carried an article on Hughes and His Aircraft in its October–November issue in conjunction with the release of Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator. The Cosmic Muffin may be used as part of the movie’s promotion.

Silver Wings in the Stars

A Travel Channel airing showing the plane–boat prompted a group of Los Angeles-based song writers to send David a new song about Howard Hughes — Silver Wings in the Stars. The song was produced by Marty Rifkin and recorded by the studio group that calls themselves the Mama Della Band.

“My wife and I were recently watching the Travel Channel and saw the episode on your Cosmic Muffin, by the way … is so very cool! Anyway, in the documentary, it stated that the plane was once owned by Howard Hughes, that on a historical point is really cool! We are published songwriters and members of BMI, we have a song entitled Silver Wings in the Star. It's about Mr. Hughes in his younger days, as a dashing young romantic inventor/flyboy. The song is professionally recorded in a 30s, 40s-ish slow jazz ballad style … it's pretty neat!

Silver Wings in the Stars was written more than 17 years ago. Alton always had the utmost admiration for Howard Hughes and wanted to portray him in a song as an extremely positive, dashing, and innovative thinker of our time. A real Renaissance man from the earlier part of this century and hopefully this is what the listener comes away with after hearing this tune.”

Art, Alton, Sharon & Margie Corey/BMI
Sharomar Music Pub./BMI LLC

The Coreys have been writing songs for more than 25 years. There are four members of the collective writing team. Alton Corey, who has a degree in English, presently is employed as a technical writer for a major medical firm. His wife, Sharon, who is both a poet and has a degree in Art History, is presently teaching at Chapman University in Southern California. The third member Margie Corey is a retired nurse and lifelong poet. Last but not least there’s Arthur, who the other members like to fondly regard as the Hooligan, who by the way is also retired!

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