The plane boat is available for dockside charters including private parties, business, and social meetings. These would take place at suitable locations the plane boat could travel to, such as private waterfront homes, marinas, restaurants, and yacht clubs. Rates would depend on the distance the vessel would travel. PBI will not serve alcoholic beverages on board, but would permit the charter group to supply their own beverages and serve them. PBI will not prepare and serve food, but will arrange catering by us or the charter group. A limit of approximately 15 to 20 persons can be on the vessel at one time, but the party group quantity is unlimited as PBI will control and limit guests on board. At all times PBI will have staff on board the vessel to assist and greet guests while boarding. Overnight stays aboard the plane boat are in development.

The plane boat is unique, attention getting, and a memorable visual device that has potential as a prop for advertising, marketing, and as a promotional medium that will be available for various products and productions. She can be used for print, outdoor and television advertising and as a prop for television and movie projects.

Product Placement

PBI offers the plane boat as a platform for product placement from related manufacturers who can benefit from the vessel’s unique ability to get media exposure and public attention. PBI will actively promote its product partners by featuring them in our literature, distributing their catalogs and promotional materials, provide the plane boat for their advertising and marketing, whenever possible encourage all media coverage to include their participation and provide web links at

Education, Community Service, Fund Raising

PBI will make the plane boat available for a variety of public service activities for the purpose of educating school children, helping communities by generating awareness of their marine environment, and using the plane-boat as an attraction for charity fund raising. PBI will establish a program to organize field trips for various school children while visiting places such as the Ft. Lauderdale Discovery Center located next to Riverwalk. We will also encourage high school students with an interest in boats, marine studies, aviation and history to visit the plane boat . PBI is committed to doing its part for community service by providing the plane boat as a promotional tool for the marine environment. PBI welcomes the opportunity to provide the plane boat for charity fund raising events at any suitable location as an attraction for the attending patrons. The vessel will donate its time and services when possible or charge a reduced fee for use of the vessel depending on its availability and type of event.

Corporate Sponsorship

PBI is actively seeking a long-term dedicated corporate sponsorship that will be a mutually beneficial relationship as a promotional and marketing tool. The plane boat has a proven and impressive track record for effortlessly generating considerable unsolicited media coverage as a privately owned vessel. As part of a sponsored program and marketing strategy, the plane boat will most certainly create far more exposure for its corporate client and will deliver exceptional return in providing brand awareness and public attention.

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